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A Free Course for Independent Authors | Presented by Ian Andrew

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This short course will enable you to effectively and efficiently format a Microsoft® Word document for E-Book use, absolutely free!

Whether you’re a novice Word user or an expert, a new writer or an experienced one, you’ll gain real skills that can be used immediately.

You’ll learn how to control formatting to ensure your E-Book looks how you want it to look, and you’ll be able to prepare your manuscript for swift conversion into Amazon's Kindle Mobi format and the more universal E-Publication format.

Running just over an hour in total, the course is in 'bite-size' training elements that can be squeezed into any coffee break, letting you go at your own pace and learn quickly without tying you to your keyboard for days.

Guiding you through the course in relaxed style is Ian Andrew, owner of the Book Reality Experience, an Indy author in his own right and a former accredited Microsoft® trainer. He’ll ease you through the techniques that will allow you to master and control your Word formatting.

The course is absolutely FREE, with no obligations or commitments to take other courses. It is simply offered to assist you on your independent publishing journey. So come on in, find the skills you need and get your E-Book the way you want it.

Ian Andrew
Ian Andrew
Indy Author

Ian grew up in Larne, Northern Ireland. Aged 18, he left to join the Royal Air Force and worked initially as an aircraft technician before being commissioned as an Intelligence Officer. After serving for two decades he relocated, with his Australian wife, to the rural south-west of Western Australia and established a training consultancy business, specialising in communication skills and the practical use of Microsoft® Office applications, becoming an accredited Microsoft® trainer.

Surrounded by a resident mob of kangaroos, he began to concentrate on his writing and independently published his first novel, ‘A Time To Every Purpose’ in 2014. He followed this in 2015 with ‘Face Value’, the first of the Wright & Tran detective thrillers. As well as running the Book Reality Experience he is currently working on the fourth novel in the Wright & Tran series.

"Every course at the Book Reality Academy is designed to be entertaining, engaging and informative - in that order - because I believe learning is much easier if we’re relaxed and having fun. So come on in, go at your own pace and quickly gain the skills you need to become an Indy Author."


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Reviews (16)

I learnt so much!

by Adebukola Bassey
I certainly didn't expect that there was so much I did not know about Microsoft Word. The facilitator was thorough and easy to follow. I have everything down pat now.

You are in the right place

by Gabor Horvath
With this very infromative course you will be able to create your professional looking e-book.

Very Informative

by Elin Barnes
This course was GREAT! Super easy to follow and very informative!
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I learnt so much!

by Adebukola Bassey
I certainly didn't expect that there was so much I did not know about Microsoft Word. The facilitator was thorough and easy to follow. I have everything down pat now.

You are in the right place

by Gabor Horvath
With this very infromative course you will be able to create your professional looking e-book.

Very Informative

by Elin Barnes
This course was GREAT! Super easy to follow and very informative!

Excellent information

by Ineke Kruger
This short course opened my eyes and helped me immensely to turn my book into an e-Book version. This is easy to understand and follow. Ian an easy to follow and work with tutor. Thank you very much. Ineke

Clear and easy to follow.

by Angela Horsburgh
This is easily the best free course I've ever taken. I only knew the bare basics of Word, enough so that I could write my book, but was struggling with all the technical stuff related to getting it properly formatted for Amazon and the other platforms. I thought I needed to learn, and buy, Scrivinor or employ an outside formatter, but it's wonderful to know I can do all this myself, and in Word! And if I ever need to change or update anything, this will be a simple process hopefully. I am super impressed. Now all I need to know is how to format for print ready pdf!


by Robert Cowles
I have been using MS word, personally and professionally, for more years than I care to mention, however, what I have learnt today is this short course has been fantastic. I am now going to send the next few days running through my 95 chapter book, and tidy it up. Thanks Ian for all your time spent on this course, I look forward to the next courses in the series


by Rae Stoltenkamp
I did this course as and when I could fit it into my schedule. It is easy enough for a complete beginner to follow. I like that you can go back and double check or pause if you're not entirely sure of what is meant. I also really like the final PDF revision sheet to keep.

Useful tips and easy to follow

by Georgia Rose
It always amazes me how whenever you watch someone else at a computer you learn something new, always, without fail. And this was to be no exception. I have published 4 books and I'm just formatting my 5th so I was keen to pick up any advice I could put into practice. As is my way I had jumped the gun and already done some of the formatting, but was then kicking myself because had I watched this first I would have completed my formatting quicker and without the need to keep checking for consistency. Lesson learnt! I highly recommend this course, at whatever level you are. If you are a beginner you will learn a lot, if you are more advanced you will be shown ways of working that are easier, cleaner and quicker.

It was useful.

by dilly obi
It was very informative. I had always understood MS Word to be problematic when it comes to converting docx to eBooks. It was good to be shown otherwise (Perhaps screen shots of a few pages of the converted eBook to show finished result). I will be aiming to use the information in the course to publish my first eBook and I'm certainly looking forward to formatting more eagerly now. Thank you very much.

Very good course

by Mary Gannon
I thought the course gave a very clear overview of formatting the e-book. I found the instructor to be knowledgeable and clear in his presentation and the material to be well organized. I would definitely recommend this course to indie authors who were looking for a short course in e-book formatting. I think it reflects very well on Book Reality and your products. Thanks.

Clear, concise and complete

by James Wilson
This short course was exactly what I needed to be able to format my own word document manuscript. I opened the course on half my screen and my document on the other half and followed it through step by step. The bits I didn't get first time I was able to rewind and replay until I understood it all. I loved it. Roll on the bigger E-Book course to show me all the rest that I need to know. Thanks.

Review for first course

by helen allan
For someone like me, a self-confessed techno-idiot, Ian is a god-send. His course is clear, he repeats steps and goes back over things one by one, his personality shines through in that he is helpful, friendly and knowledgeable and his experience with self-publishing and with helping newbie authors means he anticipates many of the questions or concerns prior to them arising. Clear screen shots and the ability to pause and practice the formatting he illustrates makes his course very easy for even the most technologically fearful. I would recommend his course to anyone and I would also recommend his business to anyone who doesn't feel they would like to undertake the production side of their work, but wants to leave it in the hands of someone who will produce their books exactly as they dreamed. Helen Allan

What fun to use!

by Jo Ullah
First I watched the whole thing through because I'm a bit technically challenged, and I didn't want to rush and get confused. Its in helpful bite sizes, has a pause button and isn't too long, so no problems there. Ian's gentle Irish tones were comforting to listen to making me feel relaxed and unhurried. Then I used the test sample supplied with two screens up - the course and the sample. I worked on the sample alongside Ian's online directions and I could do it all without any problems. I liked this course very much, finding it fun, informative and easy to use. Thank you Ian at Book Reality I'm now ready to set into format my novel:) Regards - Jo Ullah

Clear information in bite-size chunks presented in relaxed style

by Carol Carman
Very informative, presented in relaxed, friendly style, in easily digested units which will fit into a tea break, this course does what it promises - shows you how to format a Word document ready for conversion to E-Book. You'll see on your screen exactly what to do, you can go at your own pace, you can replay the videos over and over and you even get a practice document to work on. And it's free! What more could you want?

An informative and worthwhile course!

by Suzi Faed
I found this course to be very informative and helpful, with everything explained clearly and succinctly. Each part of the course was clearly outlined and each video was specifically focused on one element, making it easier to process the information. The videos were also short and could be watched in small pockets of time, perfect for our busy lifestyle. Being able to go back and watch the videos again is a bonus, so there is no worry of having to remember everything at once. This course would be extremely valuable for writers who are new to independent publishing and are looking to further their skills and knowledge in this area. Overall, I was very pleased with this course and found it worthwhile, and I look forward to seeing the other courses that Book Reality have on offer in the future.

A great step by step course

by Lisa White
This was a great little course. It was quick and easy, and the videos were really helpful.